Fixed time fun to start the new year

I have never run a fixed time race.  Why would you anyway?  You just run around in a circle and you’d probably get so dizzy that you’d just fall over.  Even so, I decided to sign up for the Frosty Trail Run at camp Heidelberg.  It was a chance to see some of the other runners from the OUSER series and it is held around the corner from me.

I was looking forward to the run.  Having compulsively looked at the Weather Networks forecast for the weekend, it was looking to be a “shorts weather” day, a daytime high of 2 C.  On race eve, I was suspicious of the forecast since the temperature was -18 C and dropping.  As if it were x-mas morning a jumped out of bed and went to check the weather outside.    It was shockingly cold!  I checked the Weather Network app on my BlackBerry and sure enough the daytime high was 2 C, but it would be 8 pm before that would be a reality.


One of the things I learned last year is that it is a great idea to use shorter distance races as training runs for target races.  As such I convinced a couple of folks from my half-marathon clinic to come out an join the fun.  One of them is looking to start running Ultras this year.  So this was an opportunity to start learning all the good things I did last year.

  1. It’s good to get to know the folks in the community.
  2. It’s good to just get out there and just do it.
  3. Run for fun.
  4. Run because it IS fun.
  5. Run to build confidence.

With last year come and gone, I have set my sights on a new season.  I have set my sights on big target this year: I want to hit the Fat Dog 120.  In preparation for the Fat Dog I have registered for a 100 miler in Utah called the Zion 100 and a 50 miler in June, probably the OSS/CIA Night Run in Virginia.

The year should be fun – hope to see you out there!

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