Change of heart

I finally got down to business.   I had some anxiety about this 100 miler that I signed up for.  I don’t really have anything to forecast performance except to look at racers and to extrapolate based on their results.  As I’m learning, a good way to turn doubt and fear into motivation is to create a plan.

Step 1: Develop general plan – communicate it to pacer/crew

(if you are sensitive to offensive language – don’t read this part)

from: Byron Guptill 
to: Greg
date: Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 10:48 PM
subject: Haliburton 100
Hey Greg  –

First off – thank you so very much for agreeing to pace me.  Truthfully, I don’t think I would be able to finish without your help.  Over the summer, I have asked many folks about the hali 100 and they all have recommended that the first time you SHOULD have a pacer.  Also, seeing as this is a first for me, I am grateful for your sacrifice (of time, ears, etc..).
So here is how the weekend will go (more or less)…
  • Let’s leave Waterloo at 12:00 pm sharp.  We should get to Base Camp around 3:30, maybe 5:00 at the latest. We’ll head the back way avoiding any possible lock ups on the 400 series highways…. damned 401 AND 400
  • setup tent and stuff (I am paying for the camping)
  • before 6:00 pm I will register for the race, and we will then check-in our stuff (drop bags – I have never used drop bags, but, have one for yourself (extra shoes and socks, etc)
  • 6:00 pm there is a mandatory dinner (I am picking up the bill for this) which includes the pre race meeting.
  • 9:00 pm lights out
  • 5:00 am wake the fuck up
  • 6:00 am race is on!
  • 8:00 pm I am allowed a pacer
  • @ who the fuck knows when I make it to the Turnaround the SECOND time, please join me on this crazy journey!
The “loop” is as such (in m) and the more I look at this I am convinced (realize) that it is 25 miles out, then 25 miles back:
Start – AS2 2090
AS2 – AS3 3807
AS3 – AS2 5858
AS2 – AS4 4094
AS4 – AS5 7511
AS5 – AS6 6121
AS6 – AS7 9998
AS7 – Dutton Rd 98
Dutton Rd – Turnaround 700
Distance 40277
We can have drop bags at any of the AS# except the Start/Finish, though it seems that we can use at most two aid stations.
I am thinking of having mine at AS2 and AS7.
In my drop bag,  I am considering having  a pair of shoes and socks just in case.
In my hydration vest:
  • carry my gel packs (I just bought a box)
    • split into 4 groups of 5 gels.
    • at AS2 1 group of 5
    • at AS7 2 groups of 5
  • carry my carb drink powder (split into single serve) (20 servings)
    • though I am thinking that to reduce weight I will split them in to a couple sets of single serve.
  • I plan to take 1 salt pill every hour,
    • Need 24 salt pills worst case
  • I plan to take 1 BCAA pill every 2 hours.
    • Need 12 BCAA pills worst case.
The ABSOLUTE WORST CASE with nutrition is that I fall back on food from aid stations, of which there appears that there will be plenty!
Time Goal
I am basing my time goal on the results from last year.  Steven Parke is a runner that I think I match up to pretty equally at a 50km.  I am thinking I will set my target at what he accomplished last year.
21:50:00 – though I think that is long time, fuck.
My avg pace at CDR was 8:27 min/km.
That puts me at 22:40:08.  Shit…
That’s a long fucking time.
I’d rather come in around 19 or 20 hours, so a 7:00 to 7:30 min/km avg pace.  Seems fast though – ah fuck – race is on!
So I am PLANNING for 22 hrs, though my target 19 hrs.
From historical perspective, Laura Secord was an 8:00 min/km run -> if I kept that pace, I would come in around 21:30 hrs.
Other things to note
You will likely be hungry during the day.  If there is anything you will need, I’d certainly like to make sure you have it. Send me a grocery list?  I have a cooler to stuff food and beer in.

 Step 2: Actually put together a plan

I found this to be very difficult and time consuming.  Second guessing my estimates as part of not having any experience on the course.  I settled on a pace a little slower than the pace I had at Limberlost (which was 6:33 min/km).

As part of my research trying and my effort to rationalize my estimates, I found the GPX track of the course on the Facebook page.  This is helpful since it helped put elevation in perspective.

  • 40 km stretch of Haliburton is a 821 m gain.
  • 100km recorded at Larua Secord is 2064 m.
  • 85 km recorded at CDR is 3639 m.

Link to spreadsheet plan since formatting for WordPress is gonna take too much time.

Step 3: Let it sink in

Now that I have a plan, I let it sink in.  I think about whether I have been too ambitious.  Having never run 100 miles, I have no historical evidence to prove or dis-prove how optimistic I am being.  Here I am writing the blog, letting it sink in. Editing, then reviewing the empirical data, then ….

Step 4: Get scared again

Ok – I know when Greg will join me on the course.  Once I hit Publish, I will start thinking that I have over committed. I won’t back down though, I will use fear of failure motivate me.

Step 5: Big picture

Why am I running this race?  Once I finish the Hali 100 I will qualify to pre-register for the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc 2015.

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