Why I Run…

I have been asked, not so directly, why do you run?  People don’t get it. They look at me, amazed, or maybe perplexed.  As if running were unnatural. I suppose, it is NOT normal – not at all.  Why the hell would you want to do that?

That brings me back to the question at hand.  REALLY – why do you run… for that long?  After an epic run you walk around like you want to lose your legs.  The pain is gargantuan.  A day goes by and the pain and suffering slowly turns to STRENGTH.

You start to walk a little stronger. Your run is stronger. Your spirit is stronger. A day may beat you down, but the run makes you resilient, more persistent.

Running invigorates me; it gives me passion and meaning.  I run to feel alive, to prove to myself that I am living life.  Running gives me time with me. It provides me a sense of self.

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