Insomnia, as night turns to day.

I woke at 2:00 am this morning.  At first I thought I figured this wasn’t a problem and I would soon be asleep; my alarm would bring me back to life.  But no, this was not the case.  I just lay there and 2:00 am became 3:00 am and still I lay there.  I have been getting anxious about this big Death Race.  I have been second guessing myself.  Am I training enough?  Am I do the right training?  Can I run at night?  I couldn’t and wouldn’t let 3:00 am become 4:00 am with me still lying in bed and not doing anything about my anxiety.  It was 3:15 am, so I got my butt out of bed so that I could turn this into a training opportunity.

I got to the trail at 4:00 am.   I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, because I didn’t bring a flashlight.  I guess I figured I needed to train running blind, thinking that my eyes would adapt to the lack of light and I would ‘just’ see.  But that wasn’t going to happen.  Good thing I don’t go anywhere without my BlackBerry.  Thanks to very helpful little apps, I was able to turn my BlackBerry Z10 into my BlackBerry flashlight and behold,  there was light and I could run.

It is pretty freaky to be in the woods all by yourself in the middle of the night.  Have you seen the Blair Witch Project?  That is scary stuff.  After seeing that movie in the theater I remember driving home through the country roads and being creeped out.  Here I find myself older and running through a forest  and over on my right I’d hear some noise. I’d look over but it’s pitch black so I couldn’t see anything.  Feeling chills running down my back, “It’s ok”, I’d repeat to myself, “nothing is going to happen to you, keep running!”  Once my nerves started to settle down, I just ran, BlackBerry in hand lighting the way so I could Keep Moving.

5:00 am, and the sky started to get light out.  Put away the BlackBerry and started to train to run with minimal light.  This was pretty neat because every 15 minutes or so, it seemed to get noticeably brighter.  So much so that I was speeding up as a result of seeing the terrain (knowing it is mud and being able to adjust before I find myself on my face sucking mud).  All of a sudden I hear “Break on through to the other side!” (in my head) and chills were going up my back.  This time it wasn’t because I was being a Nancy but ’cause I was speeding up the trail as the sun really started to light the day.  It is hard to describe so I’ll leave it to you that when you are having trouble sleeping, you make your way out to the trail and run till you break on through to the other side as night turns into day.


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