The IT factor

Yessir, I *AM* doing this.  I am training harder than ever.  I am running longer than ever. I am doing back-to-backs.  I am running some serious mileage.  I’d like to say I’ve got the *IT* factor.  The intestinal fortitude, determination, drive and hunger; all of the adjectives that make IT up.

For the last bunch of weeks while I was taking an impromptu blog hiatus, my endurance has been improving.  It is one of those things you just realize.  It’s similar to that day in the spring when at around 6:15 pm, you realize it is 6:15 pm and it is still light out.  Well, same thing here.  One day you get home and you realize that you can keep going, and going, and going…

My body is telling me I have IT.  Unfortunately for me, IT is not that star power I’d love to have, nor is IT in any way any of the adjectives that describe a winner.  No friends, I am like you and apparently I have an iliotibial band or two.  Over the past week, my body has ensured that I know it as well.  It is the dreaded curse of the runner.  Much like realizing the days of summer are upon us, walking down stairs is something you really notice, all of a sudden (maybe I am exaggerating, you’ll never know)!  I am barely two months into my training and here I am nursing a potential disaster.

Some seasoned runners don’t seem to be too concerned.   They offer me great advice: take care of your knee.  They tell me to see the message therapist (check – ART is great!), ice the pain areas (pain in the butt but easy enough to do and you get funny looks when you ice in the office), and most important of all, regularly massage your legs with a high density foam roller (Argh!).  Over and over, I have read about doing this and I suppose I am a bit lazy.

I am struggling to keep up the roller routine.  It is hard to be disciplined about the post run stuff because I hate doing them.  To me it seems so boring and tedious.  To top it off the foam roller bit feels like I am beating the crap beat out of myself!  You’ve got to be crazy to do that, don’t you?

The good news in all of this is that I have been forcing myself to do this post run maintenance.  As if I am a car, I check the fluids, make sure the air filter is clean, all that routine stuff that keeps a car putting along smoothly.  The maintenance is helping and keeping me out on the run.  The lesson in all of this is that you have to take care of yourself when you are taking care of yourself.  Similarly to those  those people that have IT, you have to be disciplined, work hard and routinely take care of your body.  IT pays off.


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