Train hard, win easy

It’s Jan 23 and I have been preparing all month.  I bookmarked the URL of the online registration form so that I could shorten the number of clicks required to start typing.  I learned to type fast – and type accurately.  I setup calendar reminders on both my BlackBerrys and set an alarm for 9:55 am MST just to be sure I had all my bases covered.  When 10 am MST (12 EST) struck I’d be on it, on time and diligent enough to complete the registration form quickly so I get my spot on the Canadian Death Race roster.

This morning I had a couple of minutes in between a meeting and hunkering down for the day doing what I do here at the office, so around 10 am EST I decided to try my luck on the registration form.  Astonished, the form actually came up.  I was like a deer caught in the headlights.  Really, two hours early?  I started to shake, worried that the coveted spot was full.  My first instinct I pulled out my BlackBerry.  I sent a BBM to my training partner –

“Registration open” – “PING!!!”


“The form is open”

I turned back to my computer and I fumbled my way through the form.  Typed frantically.  Clicked “Submit”.  Done.  Read confirmation email. Verified roster. Yup, I’m in.  Crap, what am I in for now?

Time to train hard, win easy.

Side note: for me completing this race will be enough for me to call this a win. 😉

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