Pick your poison…

I started to run a long time ago, I think I started ’cause I had a crush on my 4th grade teacher.  She taught at some school in Winnipeg [found the school] that I can’t remember the name of, nor do I remember hers.  I continued to be involved in x-country meets until high school and I moved on to another poison.

I picked up smoking and later combined it with reckless drinking and abuse of my body during my high school years.  Probably a result of peer pressure or teenage angst or both.  After years of poisoning myself, I kicked the terrible habit in 2007.  In 2010 I came to my senses and decided to get serious about trying to run a marathon.  As a first step I joined a Running Room half-marathon clinic and ran my first half-marathon in Ottawa that same year.  Since then I have completed two marathons and another half marathon and of late I am obsessed with running in the The North Face Canadian Death Race.  I am on to a new poison now; I am going to ultra.

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to figure out how to train for this kind of foolishness.  Seriously, how do you start running races in excess of 50k anyway?  As with any question, there is always an answer @ Google.ca.  My research resulted in a simple plan.  I will train as if I am training for a marathon, however, I will add back to back long runs. Also, I have an event plan for 2013.

My event plan is as follows:

  1. Pick Your Poison (registered!)
  2. Seaton Trail 52km (cancelled for 2013)
  3. Ottawa Marathon (registered!)
  4. Creemore Vertical Challenge
  5. The North Face Canadian Death Race (registered!)
  6. Toronto Waterfront 1/2 marathon

Happy new year,


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